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Made for you in 8 weeks

The Bolster collection’.

A minimal and bold aesthetic, reminiscent of natures raw materials, an idea very much influenced by

Japanese and Scandinavian practices .

A comfortable fusion between ‘Wabi - Sabi’ and ‘Hygge’ . Minimalism and manageability at the core of the

‘BOLSTER POUF’, executed in a contemporary fashion.

This is a range of seating, originally made in the boucle wool, a natural fabric with a playful tactile texture, that can be implemented in a wide variety of Interior lifestyles.

The material and form design is complimentary to natural woods of all shades and many other natural settings. Equally a contrast in elegant, classical settings.

The concealed fixtures is an illusion to pronounce its one form concept. Initially a set of cylindrical columns, much like the form of a “bolster”, with which its’ name was given. Built to last with substantial high-density foam, maximising comfort.

Available in 3 selective colours,

Natural, Mud, Coal SIZES:

W x H x D

50 x 40 x 50cm

other: (Bench) 120 x 40 x 40cm


Wipe clean only.

Bolster Pouf

629٫17£ سعر عادي
566٫25£سعر البيع
مستثناة ضريبة
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